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Jon Key Photography is a professional MD Wedding Cinematographer with a background as an experienced MD Wedding Videographer. Jon Key Photography has been creating wedding videos and wedding films since 2009. Jon Key Photography enjoys capturing wedding memories in MD, DC, Virginia, Baltimore and other destination weddings. Focusing on Maryland Wedding Cinematography and converting love stories into wedding films, Jon Key Photography documents every style of wedding from vintage weddings with rustic wedding details to million dollar weddings with an elegant wedding ceremony.

Your wedding has a story.

Every couple has a unique beginning; they come from different places, share special experiences—they are a story waiting to be told, one that is like no other. We approach every wedding looking for the story behind each couple. It takes a unique vision to see the world through a lens, and we can offer you the peace-of-mind that your wedding story will be told through an artist's eye, and with the lens of someone who understands that you are unique. With our vision, expertise, and new advances in film-making equipment

we can remain non-obtrusive and still tell your story in a Hollywood-quality film. Our films are so deliberately shot and edited that you'll think it was created by a motion picture studio. However, we go to great lengths to make sure that we do not interfere with your day. No two brides are the same. We offer several different collections in order to find the best fit for you. Go ahead, check your date and tell us about yourself! We would love to chat about finding the perfect way to tell your story.

One of the best investments in our wedding wasn’t the beautiful venue, or my dream dress, or even the mouth watering food. It was our wedding video. Hearing and watching our relationship story come to life was truly priceless. The breathtaking and vivid images were beautifully edited and every time I watch the video I feel like I’m reliving the most amazing day of my life all over again.
— Sophia S.