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About Us


Owner / Cinematographer

When I got my first camera in 2008 I had no idea the journey it would take me on. I started out filming music videos for some friends in local music acts, and along the way I was asked to film a wedding or two.

What started as a handful of weddings has turned into a full-time production. From the start I had the goal of creating wedding films that people would actually want to watch. I love seeing a couples story come to life on screen.

Coming from a different background than most event filmmakers gives me a unique vision, style, and approach to shooting and editing.

As I have grown through the years I have continued to learn and adapt new techniques that have enabled me to grow as a filmmaker and as a story teller. I am proud to say my experiences and success have lead me to meet so many amazing people.



I got my start with photography in high school, in the dark room. I was immediately taken by the ability to capture moments and freeze time.

When I got to college it only made sense to major in Fine Arts. I studied everything that I could about photography. Advanced lighting, Alternative Photographic Processes. I even studied abroad photographing Australia's Wildlife. 

When Jon approached me about taking on Wedding Cinema I jumped at the opportunity. I immediately fell in love with it. Getting to spend a bride's special day with her is an amazing experience every time. Every bride should feel like a celebrity on their day, and every love story is worth telling.

We get to meet so many amazing people in this job and I can't wait to continue to learn and grow as a filmmaker and as a story teller.